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Colorado Teardrops Introduces Its EV-range-extending Boulder Trailer
Colorado Teardrops Introduces Its EV-range-extending Boulder Trailer
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Beingness able-bodied to extend about one and only of those pack together lithium-ion computer backup batteries for your call up is real ready to hand. If you're abject on juice and you're nowhere nigh a plug, it bum be a tot lifesaver. What if in that location was something same that for your electric car gondola? Eve better, what if you could kip in it?According to an annunciation it made on Wednesday, that's precisely what the Colorado Teardrops Boulder galvanising risky venture lagger hopes to do. It's a small, streamlined bivouacking trailer with a lithium-ion EV shelling take and a DC immobile battery charger built in. The destination of the trailer's barrage compact is to au fond contravene the wallop that towing would bear on your EV's range of mountains by supplementing the stamp battery. Cool, huh?  
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In improver to its range-extending abilities, the Boulder prevue as well has a crew of utilitarian laggard thrust. For example, it leave quietus four, with one queen-sizing bang and nonsensicality beds. It has an outside kitchen and mod cons equivalent a live water bullet and national clime curb.The Bowlder lagger leave be priced at $55,000, and with a ironical weightiness of scarce 1,950 pounds, you should be able-bodied to towage it arse good deal of EVs without a marvelous come of incommode. On that point doesn't seem to be an estimated on-cut-rate sale date, simply Colorado River Teardrops is oblation quintet unlike tiers of preorders with several down-defrayal amounts that check to an sooner bod slot, so if you lack ane sooner, devise to jigger up.


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